Jewelry is an integral part of life.

Growing up at home, every time I walked out the door I heard:

“Are you wearing any jewelry? At least wear SOMETHING ON YOUR EARS!!"

That was my mom. An amazing cook, seamstress, embroiderer, and jewelry fan who moved here to the States a few decades ago, and brought some of India with her. My favorites? The colors, the patterns, the food, and the jewelry. Traditionally, jewelry is more than beauty. It is property and wealth no one else could ever lay claim to.

A woman’s jewelry is her power.


I am also an Architect and studied Art History. Some might think Art and Architecture History is boring, but what is better than spending the day looking at ancient mosaics and sculptures and then topping it off with an espresso? Seriously, what?

I love all of it - ancient art to modern architecture.

All of my designs are inspired by ancient jewelry or architectural faves or even a small object or pattern. I combine visual traditions from cultures that are years or miles apart. I delight in finding aesthetic similarities and overlap.

For me it is all magical.

And now I have no excuse to leave the house not wearing jewelry.